Hunter Douglas

The transition from a linear economy towards a circular economy is of general interest and thus also to Hunter Douglas Europe BV (in short HDE). To enable a circular economy, one needs information on products, their content and their properties. HDE already participated with several products in some of the BAMB (Buildings As Material Banks) projects: the REM (Reversible Experimental Modules) modules and the Material Passports. We also participate in the Dutch initiative CB23 (Circular Building 2023) and in particular the workgroup that is developing a guide on the requirements for material passports. We see the PCDS initiative as a logical next step to provide interested parties with circular information on our products. HDE sees the PCDS as a tool that enables us to provide information in a concise, objective and uniform way that leaves little room for subjective information or a subjective interpretation of the information. Being an international company, Europe-wide harmonisation of all initiatives is of critical importance to us. HDE is fully willing and capable to provide the market with information on the circular aspects of our products but this can only be feasible when we can do that in a cost-effective way, meaning that information can always be made available in the same way and in the same format. We see that the PCDS fulfils those requirements and has the potential to play a much bigger role in information flows in a European circular economy.

Martin van der Meijden
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