IT System

The IT System supports the PCDS System aiming to provide standardized and trustworthy data, related to the product circularity, to all the relevant stakeholders across the supply chain. It is organized around the philosophy of open data and open-source which can be described as follows:

  1. Ensure the accessibility of the PCDS data by all relevant stakeholders (e.g. platforms, suppliers & customers in the supply chain, third-party verifiers)
  2. Ensure an efficient exchange of the PCDS data throughout the supply chain
  3. Ensure the integrity of the data
  4. Be based on a decentralized solution

Generate a PCDS

Each manufacturer generating a PCDS will be responsible for storing the PCDS on its own premise and making it securely accessible by other stakeholders via e.g. the corporate webserver and APIs. There will be no central repository in the PCDS IT system although other platforms might elect to develop repositories for their own markets.
The main aim of such a solution is that the manufacturer (even a refurbisher) is responsible to ensure the data integrity for its own PCDS. If changes are made to the product by unlinked third parties it becomes a new product and requires a new PCDS.

Key elements of the IT system for the PCDS

This figure provides an overview of the key elements of the PCDS information technology system and shows which are subject to be part of the standard:

  1. A standardized data structure for storing the PCDS, based on the PCDS structure and including the creation of a unique ID for each PCDS
  2. A standardized data exchange protocol using API between a manufacturer and a customer (e.g. platform, user of their product, etc.). The standardization includes a definition of the data format for the exchange (e.g. xml and json), a description of the exchange protocol as well as a standardized PCDS layout for publications in a PDF secured document
  3. Standardized protocols to ensure an efficient exchange of the PCDS throughout the supply chain
  4. A protocol to create a PCDS from data contained in multiple PCDS sheets
  5. A protocol to inform relevant stakeholders when a PCDS revision is made