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1. Your interest in the PCDS The PCDS will enable, through a straightforward True-False statement approach independent of the industry, to assess the circularity of products. Without disclosing the product components, it will be possible to define the lifecycle of each constituent and its re-use. Circularity has become a focus point in the transition towards more environmentally-friendly products, and the PCDS stands out with its transparency and relevance of information. As the protection of the environment is one of the key values of Arendt Regulatory & Consulting, we have a strong interest in the PCDS, as enablers. 2. General feedback on this initiative The Ministry of Economy has become, with the PCDS, a front runner in increasing the sharing of circular data across supply chains. To make the PCDS suitable for companies, the Ministry of Economy has implicated as many shareholders as possible, created workshops and asked for feedback. With an excellent communication between all parties and a high engagement rate, the PCDS has been specifically tailored on companies’ needs, increasing its attractiveness. We also believe the empowerment of the Ministry of Economy eases its implementation. 3. How this standard will benefit your organization? As Arendt Regulatory & Consulting, high investments have been made to assist companies in their environmental transition. First, we see a lot of interest to audit the statements in the PCDS and strengthen the PCDS credibility of the companies which will increase its usage. Secondly, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting would offer its services by supporting companies in their environmental transition, i.e. by integrating ESG criteria.

Olivier Deneumoustier
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