‘The PCDS is an initiative of great importance undertaken by the Ministry of Economy to foment in a unique way the Circular Economy. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg integrated since many years the principles of circularity first through its production process which relies in Luxembourg on more than 90% of recycled material, second in the products portfolio provided by the company which allows the construction of sustainable buildings and lastly through the new Steligence® concept that paves the way for architects to take into account the life cycle, recyclability and ultimately reusability of a building and its components. The Green Deal proposed by the European Community has confirmed both the strategy of the Ministry and the strategy of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg has participated in the PCDS initiative and intends to continue to do so, as this new standard could give a competitive advantage to those companies which incorporate the spirit of circularity. This project has been launched in a very complete and exhaustive manner, as a multi-disciplinary team has worked on it considering the existing standards as well european as international.’

Pierre Turpel
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