Alchemia Nova

The undersigned Gaetano Bertino, representing the company alchemia-nova GmbH, Institute for innovative phytochemistry & closed loop processes, confirms the interest of the aforementioned company for the Circularity Dataset Standardization (CDS) initiative for the creation of the new Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS). alchemia-nova has always concentrated its efforts on solutions for the circular economy and the use a systemic thinking approach for possible disruptive and game-changing innovations that are fit for future. In this context, the purpose of the PCDS fits perfectly into the vision of organisation: aiming to establish a standard protocol for circularity data, the PCDS translates the relevant information into standardised and verifiable declarations which allow data-based evaluations of the product's performance in terms of circularity and guide future improvements towards a circular economy. From the very beginning of the initiative, alchemia-nova was actively engaged, both through participation in physical meetings and in videoconferences for the definition and implementation of the PCDS, and through contributions and feedback during the testing phase. alchemia-nova has provided feedback for the definition and testing of the PCDS and also carried out tests of two products that are (or rather will be) carried out by the company in the context of European-funded projects: a modular green wall and a bio-based particle board. alchemia-nova is enthusiastic about the idea of being able to be part of the realisation of a concept that can be universally accepted as circularity certification of products on the market and trusts in the possibility of being able to continue to give constant support for the continuity of the initiative.

Gaetano Bertino
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